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The Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee Project is a partnership between the coffee growers in nine communities in Olancho, Honduras and The Carpenteros and Friends, a Christian volunteer group based in Southern Ontario, Canada. 

The coffee is imported as green beans, and is then roasted and packaged as whole beans (medium and dark roast) and medium-roast ground by Java Works Coffee in Mississauga, Ontario.  All coffee is available in one pound bags, and medium ground coffee can also be ordered from The Carpenteros in 2.5 ounce pouches, ideal for 12 cup brewing machines.

Coffee is available in the Hamilton, Ontario area through the Carpenteros ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), or from Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Flamborough, Ontario.  In Alberta, the coffee is available through Rick Abma of Good Neighbour Coffee  in Lacombe, or through Inglewood Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton.   In British Columbia, the coffee is available through New Westminster Christian Reformed Church (Burnaby) and New Life Christian Reformed Church (Abbotsford). 

For those in the Greater Toronto Area, or in other parts of Canada, Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is also available through the online store of Java Works Coffee.

The same great coffee is available through any of these partners, and we encourage you to contact the supplier that is most convenient for you.

Having partnered with the people of El Carrizal on several community development projects, the Carpenteros were introduced to the excellent coffee being grown by producers from that community.  Over the past six years, the project has grown to include nine communities and more than 50 coffee producers.

Proceeds generated by The Carpenteros and Friends through this project either flow back to the producers in the form of a premium rate for their coffee, additional training and tools, and community development projects for some of the poorest communities in Honduras.  To learn more about this project, and where you can purchase Rio Olancho coffee, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CLICK HERE to view or download the Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee brochure

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